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Ways to Use Our NEW Club Seating


Kindermark Kids is proud to offer the best in children’s furniture. Whether you need child-height seating for your classroom, daycare, waiting room or church, we’ve got a great selection from you to choose from. We are excited to have added some new pieces to our inventory, the Club Seating from Children’s Factory! Learn more about it below.


About Our Club Seating

Create a children’s seating space in your classroom, waiting room, etc. with Club Seating from Children’s Factory. Choose between a chair, sofa or set that includes both! The Club Chair and Club Sofa are both made of sturdy foam with no hard edges. They are covered with easy to wipe clean material. The furniture comes in either primary colors or cozy woodland colors. Keep reading to learn about some different ways to use this furniture.


1. To Create a Reading Nook in Your Classroom.

The Club Seating is perfect for creating a reading nook in your classroom. Pair the furniture with one of our book shelves to create space for students to enjoy their favorite books. The chairs and sofas allow for students to take a break from their desk and enjoy a more comfortable space while they read. Students can learn about taking turns by rotating who sits on the furniture each time.


2. To Provide Comfortable Seating in Waiting Rooms.

From doctor’s offices to dentist’s waiting rooms, business owners can create a comfortable space for children to wait. Child-height seating combined with some toys and books will help keep children entertained while they wait. This will cut down on temper-tantrums and bad behavior as a result of being bored waiting for long periods of time.


3. To Enhance Children’s Ministry Rooms.

Churches that offer children’s ministry need to provide a comfortable and safe place for children to learn and play while their parents attend church service. Our club seating is the perfect addition to these children’s ministry rooms at your church. 

The best part is that this new club seating is part of our Seating Sale happening now! For a limited time, you can purchase our club seating at a discounted rate. There’s no better time to invest in some comfortable, safe, child-height seating for your classroom, waiting room or church!   


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  • Erin Burdette