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Easter Activities for Preschoolers


With the Easter holiday just around the corner, you can start incorporating Easter eggs hunts and bunny rabbit activities into your classroom lesson plans. From craft projects to snack time and everything in between, you can easily incorporate some of the Easter traditions into your daily classroom activities. Kindermark Kids has gathered some fun activities for you to try in your classroom this year.


Peeps Edible Play Dough

What child doesn’t like play dough? Not only is it fun, but it’s great for working little fingers to start to practice fine motor skills that will be used later when writing. However, little learners tend to put thing in their mouth, so you might be concerned with the play dough recipes you use with them. With Easter less than two weeks away, there’s no shortage on peeps! For an easy, edible play dough recipe, all you need is peeps, corn starch, vegetable oil and water. Check it out here: http://www.stillplayingschool.com/2014/03/peeps-play-dough-recipe.html.


Bunny Hopping

During this activity, children will get to learn about bunny rabbits while also getting some exercise. Rabbits hop in a zig zag when they are trying to get away from their prey. Have children practice jumping like a bunny rabbit by using masking tape to create a zig zag on the floor for them to hop along.


Homemade Easter Baskets

Turn your classroom Easter egg hunt into a craft project and math lesson! All you need for this activity is some empty egg cartons, acrylic paints, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Start by cutting the tops and tabs off. Then let the children decorate the cartons with the paint. Once they’ve had a chance to dry. Glue a piece of ribbon to the carton to create a handle. Voila! Now the children have Easter baskets with individual spaces, so they can practice counting to 12.


Contact Paper Chick

Sensory activity meets craft project with this contact paper chick activity. For the project, you will need a piece of contact paper large enough to fit two eggs, a bag of yellow feathers, two pieces of white cardstock, a pair of scissors, masking tape, two large googly eyes, a piece of orange construction paper and an orange marker. Find the instructions and pictures here: http://www.houseofburkeblog.com/2013/03/contact-paper-chick.html. Make sure the children have plenty of table space for these Easter crafts and other activities throughout the year by investing in some of our child-height table and chair sets!


Bunny Snacks

Bunny’s love vegetables, and they make the perfect healthy snack for children! Add to the Easter fun by providing carrots, celery and lettuce with ranch dressing for the children to enjoy during snack time. Let the children help you prepare the snack by allowing them to help wash the veggies. Our child-height portable sinks work perfectly in the classroom for activities such as this!


Beginning Letter Sounds Easter Egg Hunt

To help with reading and sounds, consider an Easter egg hunt that allows children to match the objects they find with the letters of the alphabet. Find the free downloadable Easter basket mat here. Once you’ve printed that, you can fill it in with whatever letters you want your students to work on. You can even customize it for each child if there are certain letters or sounds that they have been struggling with. Find small items that go with each letter that you can place in Easter eggs. For example, you might use a button for the letter “B” or a toy snake for the letter “S”. Then hide the eggs and once the children have found them, they can work together to match the items with the letters on their mats.


Kindermark Kids is here for all your classroom needs, from furniture to storage options and portable sinks for easy clean up. Visit our website to browse our wide selection of products to help make your classroom more organized and efficient. Happy Easter from Kindermark Kids!


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