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Meeting Your Handwashing Needs with Portable Sinks!


The single most effective way to prevent the spread of illness is to use proper handwashing techniques. Therefore, it’s important to teach hand washing procedures to children at a young age. Whether you’re a Head Start program director, daycare provider or preschool teacher, you need to not only teach children about proper hand washing, but also provide a place for them to do so. Our portable sinks are perfect for accomplishing just that. They also come in handy for quick cleanup between different activities.


Head Start Programs

Not only do sinks come in handy for a variety of children’s activities, they are required. One or two handwashing sinks is required for every 10-20 children in a Head Start program. In the event you want to expand the size of your Head Start program, additional sinks are needed. That’s where the mobility of Kindermark Kid’s portable sinks becomes your solution. Our sinks create the ability for added handwashing stations, without the need for traditional plumbing.



Daycare Centers

When working with toddlers and young children, it’s important to have a sink in the diaper changing area and a separate sink for food preparation. In buildings that only have one plumbing source, a portable sink is your solution. We offer both adult and child-height portable sinks for use in these types of businesses. Check out our Changing Station Sinks for a two-in-one diaper changing table and hot/cold water sink! For larger facilities, a portable hot water sink can also be used as a backup sink to offer an extra, sanitary handwashing station when the primary sink is already in use.



Preschool Classrooms

A portable sink is essential for promoting day-to-day hygiene in preschool classrooms. Young children are known for making a mess, so having a convenient portable hot water sink comes in handy for quick cleanup between activities. These sinks can be easily moved around for use during arts & crafts time or snack time. For classrooms with limited space, easily roll the portable sink into a storage room. Be sure to check out our sink accessories too, like the Ozark River Li’l Step Booster to help those smaller children reach the sink easier.


Kindermark Kids is excited to be able to offer these convenient portable sinks in addition to our children’s furniture and educational toys. You can view all the varieties of sinks available on our website. Fill all your classroom needs with the help of Kindermark Kids!



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  • Erin Burdette