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5 Items to Have in a Pediatric Dentist's Waiting Room


As a pediatric dentist, you want your waiting room to appeal to kids. You need to offer fun toys, activities, etc. to keep them entertained while they wait for their dental appointment. Health and nutrition go hand in hand with oral hygiene, and we have some great health and nutrition related toys and furniture. Add some of these items to the waiting room for your pediatric dentist practice today!


Smile Magic Wall Panel Toy

There’s nothing more perfect for a pediatric dentist’s waiting room than this wall panel toy! The frame features positive dental health images – toothpaste and brushes, floss, smiles and tooth fairies – identified in both English and Spanish. The heat sensitive panel responds to the warmth of your hand and changes color.

Fresh Fruit Table and Chair Set

Eating healthy foods is an important part of caring for your teeth. This cute child-height table and chair set promotes healthy eating through vibrant images of fresh fruit. Perfect for a waiting room, this table and chair set provides a place for children to sit and play while they wait their turn to see the dentist.

MyPlate Island Play Cube

Bring fun into your waiting room, while also teaching children about health, with the MyPlate Island Play Cube! Build a better plate, make half your plate fruits and vegetables, be aware of portion sizes and increase your daily activity are all healthy messages promoted through this fun activity cube. 

Fruit Stacking Toy

Enhance your waiting room with toys that provide more than just fun! This fruit stacking toy is a fun-filled, sensory exploration toy. It teaches counting, shorting and shape selection. The surface of each of the fruits is textured to provide sensory stimulation and help develop fine motor skills.

MyPlate Kinderbox Book and Media Storage

A waiting room just wouldn’t be complete without books! Use this health and nutrition themed book holder to keep all those children’s books organized. The colorful MyPlate graphics on the sides help to re-enforce education about healthy eating habits.


These are just a few of the amazing items from Kindermark Kids that you can use to enhance your waiting room! Visit the Waiting Room tab on our website to browse the variety of other choices we offer for educational toys, children’s furniture and more. We’re here to help you create a relaxing, inviting waiting room for your clients!


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  • Erin Burdette