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4 Kid-Friendly Things Every Waiting Room Needs

4 Kid-Friendly Things Every Waiting Room Needs

4 Kid-Friendly Things Every Waiting Room Needs

For pediatrician offices, dentists, and hospitals, a kid-friendly waiting area is a must. Even for healthcare facilities not specialized in pediatric care, it’s still wise to have kids waiting room furniture and items geared toward children. Kid furniture and games will help keep both the children and parents at ease while waiting for an appointment. Whether you just have a dedicated corner of your waiting room or are looking to design the entire waiting area, these four kid-friendly items are essential for every waiting room.

1. Kids Tables & Chairs

Kids love anything that’s fit for their size. It immediately puts them at ease and invites them to get comfortable. These kids tables and chairs are small enough to fit in a designated kids corner of your waiting room, or you can place several sets around your pediatric waiting area. A kid-sized table and chairs are perfect waiting room furniture because it allows the child to interact with any items they brought from home and any books or activities you offer.

Whether you have a design theme or prefer a neutral concept, there are table and chairs sets that meet your needs. For example, the Seascape Friends Table works perfectly with an ocean theme.

2. Wall Panel Toys

Wall panel toys are a great addition to your waiting area because they keep children entertained while not occupying any floor space. If you are a minimalist in waiting area furniture, wall panel toys are the best of both worlds. They are built with high quality and stay secure to your wall, even with small rough hands!

If you’re unfamiliar with wall panel toys, they are simply sensory, maze or magnetic games securely attached to the wall. Kids use problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they interact with these engaging games. A significant bonus to wall panel toys is they are effortless to clean and sanitize. The Amazer Wall Activity comes in multiple color schemes and entertains kids of all ages. You can even provide an entire sensory learning experience in your waiting area for young children.


3. Play Table

A play table differs from the previously mentioned kids table and chairs because this table provides some games that are attached. You can find play tables that are both standing height and work with kid chairs. For example, the Flower Wire and Beads Table features a bead maze that toddlers can easily stand and play with. The SeaScape Magnetic Play Table invites kids to pull up a chair and interact with the magnetic maze.

These play tables work well as waiting room furniture because they provide kids more focused entertainment while waiting for an appointment without any small pieces. In addition, you can wipe down play tables easily and be confident they are sanitized. Just like with other waiting area furniture, you can find play tables that follow a theme, like ocean and safari, or general play tables that work in any waiting space.


4. Technology Entertainment

Even with various toys and games available, you should include technology in children waiting rooms. A simple solution is to stream videos on a TV mounted to the wall. This is a low-maintenance option for your waiting room that serves children and parents who may be too sick or anxious to interact with other waiting room play tables.

The PLAY Interactive Game Table is the ultimate piece of technology to include in your waiting area that will undoubtedly be the most popular with both kids and adults. It’s a 32″ interactive touch table loaded with games people of all ages can enjoy. This interactive game table is built to last and is easy to wipe down. In addition, interactive technology and videos are great additions to your waiting area for patients, parents, and other family visitors.


Your waiting room doesn’t have to be complicated or filled with furniture. Take note of the space of your waiting area you will dedicate to kids and plan from there. These four items make the waiting and transition time for any type of appointment a little bit easier for both kids and parents. Children may go back into the exam areas feeling more comfortable after experiencing seats, games, or technology designed for them.

Kindermark Kids provides various toys, playspaces, and children’s furniture for your waiting rooms, schools, daycares, libraries, and more. We focus on delivering high-quality and engaging solutions that are carefully chosen to be developmentally appropriate for children. Our Kindermark Kids team can help you select the right waiting room furniture for your space and budget. Contact us today with any questions and visit our website to get started. 



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