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It’s Time to Re-Order for the 2018-2019 School Year

Another school year is in the books! While it may be summertime, a teacher’s work is never done. Now’s the time to be thinking about re-ordering classroom essentials for the 2018-2019 school year. From sleep cots to educational toys, Kindermark Kids has everything you need to get your classroom ready for the next school year.


Sleep Cots

Kindermark Kids has everything you need for a successful nap time at your daycare, preschool, kindergarten or Head Start classroom. We provide a variety of high quality cots featuring the latest technology to provide a safe, clean sleep cot for the children in your care. Buy individual cots or purchase an entire set. Many of our cots stack for easy storage. We also carry all the cot accessories you need, including sheets, blankets and cot carriers.


Classroom Rugs

At Kindermark Kids, we offer a diverse selection of classroom rugs that provide a soft, comfortable and inviting environment for both learning and creativity. From a comfy place to sit during circle time to an upgrade in décor, our rugs make the perfect addition to any classroom. Even better, they’re easier to clean and maintain than a typical classroom floor, and they help protect the floor’s finish.


Storage Shelves

Keeping your daycare center or classroom organized and clean may seem like an impossible feat, but Kindermark Kids is here to help by providing a variety of storage options. When you invest in our many classroom storage shelf solutions, you can organize toys, books, diapers and much more to keep the floor free from clutter.


Portable Sinks

A portable sink is essential for promoting day-to-day hygiene for classrooms and daycares. Since kids are known for making a mess, a child-height sink will come in handy for quick cleanup in the classroom between activities. These self-contained sinks can easily be rolled into a storage room when not in use to provide extra space.


Children’s Furniture

When at school, children need comfortable, supportive chairs and solid tables to keep them focused so that they won’t fidget or get easily distracted. When kids are comfortable in a learning environment, they’ll be more likely to be attentive throughout a lesson. That’s exactly why we offer a wide selection of child-sized tables and chairs for use in a classroom or playroom.


For all your classroom needs, check out Kindermark Kids! We provide a wide range of products for young children in daycare centers, early learning centers, Head Start classrooms, children’s waiting rooms and home settings. We represent outstanding manufacturers who produce the highest quality furniture, carpets, blocks, games and many more items for you to setup a successful classroom environment.


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  • Erin Burdette