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Ideas to Make Your Dealership Waiting Room Fun for Children


Buying a car isn’t necessarily a simple process, there’s a lot of paperwork involved, which means a lot of waiting. When parents have to bring their children with them, they can easily get bored, which can lead to bad behavior. As the owner of an auto dealership, there are some things you can do to ensure the children stay entertained while your sales people are trying to make a sale. Keep reading for some fun ideas for your dealership waiting room. 


1. Create a Separate Playroom for Children.

Aside from your normal waiting room, create a space where children can play freely without interrupting the other buyers. Fill it with fun, age-appropriate toys that will keep them entertained. Consider tying in the car theme with some of these fun transportation-related toys from Kindermark Kids:


Dashboard Driving Wall Panel

Children can use their imagination to rev up the engine and race with other cars! The Dashboard Driving Wall Panel provides kids the excitement and fun of driving with no license required. It features a steering wheel and horn, speedometer, gear shift and ignition. 

Magnetic Roadtrip Wall Toy  

The Magnetic Roadtrip Wall Toy provides entertainment for children of all ages. Two magnetic wants permanently mounted to the wood frame are used to guide cars along the road. The pieces stay secure behind safety glass.


2. Allow for Children to Move Around.

Not only do you want to provide toys for children to play with, but you want to allow for them to move around and burn off some of that endless energy they seem to have. Large interactive pieces that they can climb on top of, and move around while playing with them, are great additions to any waiting room. Check out these cool pieces we have to offer:


Fire Engine Activity Center  

The Fire Engine Activity Center provides kids with the excitement of using their imagination to fight fires without any danger at all! Inside the fire truck is a complete dashboard with pretend steering wheel, gearshift, key and ignition, and speedometers. On the hood, children move the cars and boats through the city maze, promoting hand-eye coordination and visual tracking through play.


City Transportation Play Table

Children are endlessly entertained as they move the cars and boats to get around the busy city. The excitement of city travel is brought alive with this wooden table featuring tracks for boats, cars and other vehicles to drive along. Kids have so much fun using their imagination to cruise around while avoiding collisions.

PLAY Interactive Game Table

PLAY is a fully packaged interactive 32" touch table that comes bundled with software and 8 multi-player games that you choose from our portfolio.  The games allow 2-4 players to engage the table simultaneously, building collaboration and community, especially among children. There are 21 games that cover all age groups from small children to adults.


3. Let Children Enjoy Snacks in the Play Area.

Snacks are another great way to keep children entertained. Consider adding a vending machine with nutritious snacks and drinks that parents can purchase for their children. Make sure they have a place to sit and enjoy their snack, like at one of our child-height tables. We offer a variety of children’s furniture that you can incorporate into your waiting room.


Nordic Table Set

The Nordic Table Set is a stylish wood set great for waiting rooms, classrooms or playrooms. The natural bentwood contours and smooth edges invite you to sit for a while and create, snack, read and more! The table comes with four stools each with a different colored seat.

Safari Table and Animal Chairs

Get ready for a wild time with the Safari Table and Animal Chairs! This safari themed table and chairs set creates a fun and imaginative space for children to eat, draw, read or play. Children can take their pick of sitting on an elephant, lion, zebra or giraffe.


For all your auto dealership waiting room needs, visit KindermarkKids.com. We’ve got everything you need to keep children entertained, from educational toys to child-height furniture. With products like these, children are sure to be entertained for hours in your waiting room!


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  • Erin Burdette